Direct Hires

More than just hiring against headcount. 

Looking to directly hire your next full-time employee? You’ve come to the right place.

Our direct hire process lets our staffing team give you and your business the attention they deserve. We know you don’t just want “butts in seats” to get a job done within your organization. You want ideal fits for your specific needs, your specific culture and your specific company goals. And that’s exactly what we provide.

What are the advantages of a direct hire? Our direct hire/permanent searches are risk-free services to our client. We are a contingency staffing firm. No Win, No Fee. This is a free service until the day a candidate represented takes a position. With a direct hire, you are also tapping into the untapped passive candidate pool who will most likely only make a change if it is a direct hire (vs. consulting-to-hire). It broadens the candidate pool with a larger selection and more qualified candidates.

Return on a good culture

IT professionals aren't plug-n-play...

Top IT talent is critical for keeping things running and meeting business goals. At McIntyre, we’ll ensure our clients get the expertise they need. Find out more about the specific Information Technology talent we can provide for your business needs.

Looking to Hire?

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