“Try before you buy.” 

Hiring someone is a big deal…

This person will become a part of your payroll, a part of your output, and a part of your company culture. Sometimes, you need a trial run before committing. Consulting-to-hire is a solution we offer designed to help clients and candidates see if the chemistry is there.

What are the advantages of a consulting-to-hire? The “getting to know you” period gives you and the candidate time to assess the fit – culturally and technically – before closing the deal. This “working interview” is an excellent way to manage cost, evaluate talent and make a smart hiring decision. It’s like a trial period – if you both like what you see, you can commit. If not, you walk away with no hard feelings and zero risk.

Return on a good culture

IT professionals aren't plug-n-play...

Top IT talent is critical for keeping things running and meeting business goals. At McIntyre, we’ll ensure our clients get the expertise they need. Find out more about the specific Information Technology talent we can provide for your business needs.

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