You need help – yesterday.

Some projects don’t require a permanent direct hire…

But you still need the help in the interim. Our consultants are trained to hit the ground running. They have the versatility and arsenal of abilities to cover your needs. Weather you have someone going out on maternity leave/disability leave, have in increase in work and need project based help, have a receptionist call out and need someone at your office to cover the front desk two hours from now (McIntyre On Demand), or someone to bridge the gap between a resignation and permanent hire…we have the quality candidate to get the job done right.

Our process makes hiring the right consultant seem like a walk in the park. With services including a Guarantee period, Pre-screened candidates, in-person interviews, and background screens, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best fit. Then, after the project is over, you can part ways – or, you can have them join the 73% of our consultants who were brought on to stay full time.

What are the advantages of hiring a consultant? Hiring a consultant eliminates the need for potential costs down the road. We do all of the work and manage all of the risks for you. We start and end the consultants based on your direction and cover the costs of payroll and taxes – as well as unemployment costs, which can quickly add up.


Return on a good culture

IT professionals aren't plug-n-play...

Top IT talent is critical for keeping things running and meeting business goals. At McIntyre, we’ll ensure our clients get the expertise they need. Find out more about the specific Information Technology talent we can provide for your business needs.

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