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You don’t need a “headhunter” to get where you want to be. You need an experienced guide to help you move confidently through your career journey. Let’s get to know each other, then we’ll walk the path together.

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The seasoned professionals in your corner assisting you in reaching the next level in your IT career. We’ll help you determine what makes sense based on your experience, ambitions, and capabilities. And we’ll help you feel comfortable along the way.

Ask Yourself

Am I missing opportunities?


What could be better for me at my job?


Can I get a higher salary? Can I get a better bonus?


Could I have a better commute to give me time back in my day?


Is there position that allows for upward advancement or career development?


Can I find a company with a better culture, perks, or benefits?

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Work with us to identify the ideal next step in your IT career, then be prepared to seize that opportunity when it comes. Know that you can engage with us no matter where you are in your career or what you seek next.

Have Questions?

We have answers!

We recognize that finding a new job is stressful, so we do everything we can to make the experience as easy as possible for you. You will have many questions for us… so we put together some frequently asked questions to cover the basics and get you started.

What is the best way to apply for a job?
Go to our online job postings and directly submit your resume for a job that catches your eye. The McIntyre recruiter handling the job listing will see your submission. Sometimes candidates will phone our office and ask to email their resume to a recruiter. But applying via the online job posting really is best – it ensures that your resume is visible in our database to other McIntyre Recruiters.
What are the advantages of working with a local staffing firm?
We’ve been placing candidates in the area local for over 35 years. We’ve met thousands of candidates, conducted thousands of interviews, and walked the halls of many of the companies we work with. With the exception of circus clowns and brain surgeons, there really isn’t much we haven’t seen or done!
Do I need to meet a McIntyre recruiter in person?
We realize that if you’re currently working you may have limited time. We do like to meet candidates “face-to-face”, so we offer flexible office hours to meet you before or after your day via in person or video interview.

The Right Fit

Specialized Focus in IT

Information Technology

Infrastructure, Developers, Functional Roles, Data, and more.


Our latest reviews…

4.71 Rating (643 reviews)

“ What set Linda apart from other recruiters I have worked with was her persistence to find the right fit for me and the companies in her scope. Where most other recruiters offered one job and disappeared if it did not make sense. Linda kept revisiting me with offers closer and closer to my experience after learning about myself, my skills and expectations. The result was her and Jason Berman getting me hired at ISG with a position that exceeded my personal goals but also matched my skills so I will excel within the company. 

– Ross M.

4.71 Rating (643 reviews)

“ Jason’s been great. We have been in contact now for several years, and if something comes up that matches my profile, he reaches out to me immediately. When speaking to a recruiter, there’s always this feeling that he/she may not fully understand all your needs, but Jason goes that extra length to make you feel confident that he’s got your best interest at heart. 

– Luke M.

4.71 Rating (643 reviews)

Nick was great to work with and always kept me looped in to where we were in the process. The whole company was great and super helpful. Amazing team!

– Valerie L.

4.71 Rating (643 reviews)

“Nicks’s expertise helped me land the perfect job. He is always there to answer any questions I might have along the way. Highly recommend him!

– Brenda T.

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