New Year? New career! So you’ve made the New Year’s resolution to get out there and finally land the job of your dreams. You picked one of the best months to apply for a job because a lot of companies are looking to fill new roles at the beginning of 2022. We know the search is never easy, so we’ve outlined seven steps to finally get you working in that position, landing the promotion, or starting the career you’ve always dreamed about.

1 – Make a List of What You Want

When finding a new job, it’s important to make a list of what you want when it comes to culture, pay, benefits, etc. Are you looking for a part-time position and it doesn’t really matter if it includes benefits? Or do you want good pay and top-notch culture? This list will help guide you as you navigate the search and interview process because it’ll help you choose the companies that best fit your requirements.

2 – Refresh Your Resume

Chances are it’s probably been a while since you’ve taken a look at your resume. Because this piece of paper is often the first impression employers have of you, making sure all of the info is accurate and up-to-date is important. Double-check that you’re including recent work history, new skills, and completed courses while you’re updating to giving hiring managers the best idea of what you can bring to the table.

3 – Go to Networking Events

These events are filled with people looking to hire talent just like you. You’ll never know who you might meet when you wear your best business casual outfit and put yourself out there! Talk to anyone you can about your experience, interests, and skills. Who knows, you might find yourself talking to the HR manager of a company hiring for your dream job!

4 – Reach Out to Your Network

Whether it’s family friends, old bosses, teachers, professors, or instructors, taking advantage of your network can help you in more ways than you think. Talk to the people you know about what types of positions you’re looking for and what skills you have that can benefit employers. They can either offer you advice moving forward or connect you to someone who can better help you meet your goals.

5 – Master a New Skill

Learning something new can put you ahead of the competition when it comes to your job search. Take advantage of courses available online and in local schools to sharpen your skills. Having specialized certifications and knowledge can make you a more desirable candidate for hiring managers and recruiters.

6 – Practice Interviewing

Interviews can be stressful and overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. Luckily, there are a lot of resources you can use to ensure you’re confident and ready to take on any interview. Checking websites, especially Glassdoor, for common interview questions will help you get a good feel for what you’re walking into. Practice answering these questions either to a friend or in front of a mirror, so when the day of the interview comes you can feel more comfortable and rock it!

7 – Don’t Get Discouraged

Not all of your job prospects will come out as a win, and it’s easy to let that dampen your mood when searching for a new job. The best thing to do is remain confident, regardless of what happens throughout your search. Instead, use these experiences as opportunities to grow! Did another candidate get chosen over you because they have more skills? Learn something new! Did you feel the interview didn’t go so well? Keep practicing! The perfect opportunity is out there, but remember that it may take a little bit of time to get there.

Finding a new job comes with hard work and patience. The best thing you can do is keep your head up and learn from your mistakes along the way. Soon enough you’ll be in a position that makes you happy and it’ll all be worth it. If you want some advice as you navigate the job-search world, trust The McIntyre Group to be your career consultant. Our teams get to know you on a personal level and will work hard to find professional-level positions that match your career goals. After all, we want you in your dream role as much as you do!