Accounting and finance opportunities are expected to rise this year, but there are fewer job seekers on the market. The unemployment rate is at a record low of 3.6% and finding and securing temp and direct-hire financial talent in such a tight market will remain a struggle for hiring managers in 2019.

As you continue to compete for talent, you will need to act fast with developing a recruiting strategy that will secure the market’s most sought-after candidates.  In a recent Randstad Professionals survey, hiring managers placed “recruiting and retaining talent” (40%) and “talent shortages or skill gaps in certain departments” (26%) at the top of the list.

Today’s time-to-fill rates are far too lengthy. Sixty percent of respondents to the Randstad Professionals survey reported that it takes between two to three months to fill a direct hire vacancy. Top talent is only on the hiring market for as little as 10 days!

To remain competitive this year, you should look to accelerate your hiring process as much as possible. Below you will find the top 5 accounting and finance jobs for 2019 and up-to-date job descriptions.  

How to attract qualified talent for the top 5 jobs in 2019

Today’s job seekers have high expectations for how prospective employers should interact with them. To win the hearts of today’s job seekers, organizations need to prioritize their hiring experience. Following a strategic process will help you attract and retain in-demand candidates for your temp and direct-hire positions.

Employer branding is the most important element in attracting, hiring, and retaining great talent. In fact, 72% of leaders in the recruitment field across the world agree that it has a significant impact on hiring.

You can also introduce an employee referral program. This can be the secret weapon of many recruiters across industries because it doesn’t cost much and provides results quickly.

Try going for passive talent. Top talent is gone from the job market in less than 10 days. But the good news is, there are always passive candidates. According to research, 85% of the workforce in the world would gladly change their job for a better opportunity– be that opportunity!

One last tactic to try is using data to improve your hiring process. You can’t manage what you don’t measure and there is plenty to measure when it comes to recruiting such as: source of hire, time to fill, applicants per hire, candidate experience, cost per hire, retention, quality of hire,etc.

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