Interviews are full of uncertainty, and as you wrap up your final conversation and give a firm handshake goodbye, you’ll be eager to look for signs you got the job. You are feeling super confident you answered all of their questions with enthusiasm and with great examples that support the job description. You researched the company and asked intelligent questions. By all accounts, it seems the interview went well–but how do you really know?

Your mind will be doing a play-by-play of the entire interview, wondering if they like you? Are you better than the other candidates? Will you get called back for the second round? And of course, it doesn’t help when well-meaning friends bombard you with questions trying to figure out how the big day went. If only you knew!

Well, we have great news! The McIntyre Group is here to help you from going crazy! Our recruiters have advice for the entire interview process and how to tell if you nailed your interview. 

  1. The interviewer talks about the big picture and makes it specific to your experience
    If an interviewer tells you about a challenge the company has, and how they believe your experience will help you solve it, that’s a really great sign. In most cases usually, you have to connect the dots for the interviewer and explain how your experience will apply and help move the company forward, If they’re already doing that, then they can picture you in the job.

  2. The interviewer asks you how interested you are in the job and their company
    If the interviewer pauses and asks what you think about the opportunity, they’re gauging your interest, and it’s a great sign. At this point in the interview you need to pause and really think about what attracts you to this job opportunity.

    If you’re interested in the company and job, connect your background with the job. When you repeat what you’ve learned in the interview and how it best aligns with the job description, you reinforce the great connection you’re making.

  3. The interviewer asks questions about your other job prospects
    If the hiring manager asks if you’re interviewing anywhere else or if you’ve been offered other opportunities, it’s a sign that they want to scope out the competition, see how serious you are about the industry, or even gauge their likelihood of landing such a star candidate.

    They’re getting an idea of where you are in the interview process. Are you starting your search? Testing the waters? Or do you have other solid opportunities? This question helps them know if they need to step up their hiring pace so they don’t lose you.

  4. The interviewer engages in chitchat
    Most of the interview is going to be all business talk. But if, after that, things veer towards the conversational, that’s a great sign. If the hiring manager starts asking you questions to get to know you on a personal level this means they are seriously considering you. If they didn’t feel you were a potential fit, they wouldn’t waste valuable time chatting.

  5. The interviewer introduces you to additional decision-makers
    If the hiring manager takes the time to introduce you to additional decision-makers, this is an encouraging sign. If you are introduced to a director or C-suite executive, this is a sign that the interviewer knows these people will need to sign off on their final hiring decision. Therefore, they want to speed up the process by arranging a face-to-face introduction, so that they can see for themselves why you are the right choice.

  6. Your questions are answered in full
    If the interviewer is answering your questions with enthusiasm and with full answers then this is a sign that they want to sell you on the job opportunity. If they are checking with you that their answers were clear, then this is a good sign that the hiring manager wanted to impress you just as much as you wanted to impress them.

  7. The interview lasts longer than scheduled
    Your recruiter may have specified how long the interview will last. If you were in the interview for this amount of time or longer, this could be a sign you passed with flying colors. A hiring manager’s time is precious, especially during a recruiting period. If they chose to dedicate this time to learn more about you and seem genuinely enthusiastic and excited to dive into a variety of topics, then this is one of the signs that they are clearly interested.

  8. You get details on next steps
    When the interview finally comes to a close and the hiring manager shakes your hand with a smile and says something along the lines of, ‘We’ll be in contact with you soon,’ it shows they are eager to hire you. On the other hand, a phrase such as, ‘We’ll get back to you,’ usually expresses disinterest.

    Often times hiring managers will be very specific about the next steps. Whether that be taking an assessment or letting you know exactly when you should expect to hear from them.

Next time you agonize over your interview and try to run a mental play-by-play of the interview, take a deep breath and simply reflect on the signs above. These signs show at the very least that you did something right, and were probably a strong contender. Find out from your recruiter what you did well and, more importantly, what you could improve on, so that next time, all of these signs point to a job offer.