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Sarah Binderberger

Vice President

Sarah Binderberger, now the Vice President of The McIntyre Group, is a 20+ year veteran in the recruiting industry. Sarah brings her talent and wide breadth of experience to her role as leader, mentor and motivator. Over the years Sarah has developed a systematic approach to achieving success in the recruiting industry by meeting the needs of her clients while cohesively matching candidates with challenging, yet satisfying employment opportunities. From an Operations standpoint, Sarah has created a defined process and places a consistent emphasis on quality. Sarah brings her competitive mindset to work as she coaches her staff on perfecting the fundamentals. Like many things in life, growing as a recruiter is a marathon and not a sprint. Sarah’s focus in her new role is to continue to evolve our best practices along with her colleagues to reach new heights and push them to the apex of the staffing industry. In addition to a successful career, Sarah is a dedicated mother to her precocious red-headed daugher, as well as an avid triathlete and one of Connecticut’s top spinning instructors. She has been published in fitness magazines for her knowledge of spinning and cycling training.

Fun Fact:

She used to write poetry and lyrics, with one song even being recorded!

Coffee Talk:

Soy misto, served all day long!

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