Melissa Mongillo | McIntyre Group Staffing

Melissa Mongillo


Mother, educator and former social worker; this University of Connecticut Alumni is a passionate advocate for women in leadership. Melissa Mongillo started her career with The McIntyre Group in 2005 as a Staffing Manager and was quickly promoted to Director of Corporate Services Temporary and Permanent Divisions. In November 2017, Melissa was named President of The McIntyre Group. Over the years she has used her passion for helping others and her unique social work training to guide her management style. Melissa knows she has the ability and responsibility to change lives for the better, and has used this position to become a driving force behind The McIntyre Group’s customer-centric mentality that makes them “Best in Class in Service.” Melissa’s vision for The McIntyre Group includes raising the bar for quality of service to their clients and candidates alike.

Fun Fact:

She loves hot yoga, hiking and being with her family and two dogs.

Coffee Talk:

Serve it dark and black.

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